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Social Mapping Support
Medco Foundation has developed a social mapping unit to enable Medco Group or its subsidiaries to get the overall social and economical issues around its operating unit.  Such information is vital for the success of corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementation stages.

For instance, prior to the implementation of MFS in Jepara, Centra Java, the social mapping unit conducted series of surveys to get a completed overview of the current situation around the power plant in Jepara. In general the survey was conducted by our team between 16 and 19 January 2007 that covering Desa Tubanan, Desa Kaliaman, Desa Kancilan and Desa Bondo. It was part of our support for Medco Power Indonesia who had contacted the Foundation for CSR development within its power plant area in Jepara.

Other social mapping was carried out by our unit in Central Kalimantan to support Medco Agro CSR development plan. Special for Central Kalimantan the survey unit brought a significant support from Sarana Jabar Ventura (SJV) team between 26 February and 2 March 2007. It is part of our endeavour to get knowledge sharing from other entities who already acquired adequate experience in the similar program. The survey unit performed its tasks in Kumai plantation area that covers Desa Bumiharjo, Pangkalan Satu, Pangkalan Tiga, Pangkalan Dewa, Pandu Senjaya, Kedipi Atas, Makarti Jaya and Medang Sari; whereas in Sukamandang plantation area the team surveyed 17 villages.

CSR Exhibition
Medco Foundation in conjunction with PT Medco Energi Internasional Plc. Participated in CSR exhibition in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta. Our main objective to join the event on 28 February 2007 was exercising our CSR network as there were numerous key players in CSR development that attended the gathering and workshop. One of its main sessions is discussing the standard reporting of CSR. Other speakers from Global Reporting Index (GRI) and CSR forum shared their knowledge about current challenges in reporting and standardization of best CSR practices in Indonesia and abroad.

The Foundation portrays its support for Jakarta flood victim in February 2007 through an advertorial that broadcasted by Metro TV. It was 3 minutes ad on TV that elaborated our humanitarian support for delivering basic need, rescue, and medical services throughout Jakarta that was hindered by inundated massive flood.

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